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What is an Advice Assembly?

The Advice Assembly is a weekly meeting of tenants, occupiers, and activists. It is a space to learn about your rights, the eviction process, and the law.

The Advice Assembly is an initiative created by Ndifuna Ukwazi and Reclaim the City. At Advice Assembly tenants and workers stand in solidarity to prevent and resist unlawful evictions, displacement, and unfair landlord practices. Many who have been through an eviction still attend Advice Assembly so that they can help others going through what they went through. All are welcome!

Advice Assembly Mowbray

Currently running from 26 April until 12 July 2023
Wednesdays from 6:00PM - 8:30PM

If you would like to attend, please get in contact:


Important: Times and days may change in the future. Please call to confirm.

What Advice Assembly does NOT offer

The Advice Assembly is NOT a legal clinic and you will NOT get formal legal advice or legal representation.

However, there are often lawyers present and others who know the law that can guide you in the right direction to find a lawyer who can represent you in court. The Advice Assembly does NOT provide accommodation. If you are looking for a place to stay they unfortunately cannot help you with that.

Why you should attend

Through Advice Assemblies, tenants and activists plan actions to resist unlawful and unjust evictions.‌

The Advice Assembly provides a space for tenants to support and advise each other and to decide on practical actions to resist unfair evictions. The law is made accessible and people are linked to community organising and activism. Through Advice Assemblies, tenants have the power to plan actions to resist unlawful and unjust evictions.

About Reclaim the City

Reclaim the City is a Cape Town-based movement of tenants and workers campaigning to stop displacement from well-located areas and secure access to decent affordable housing for all.

They believe it is time to take the struggle for housing to the center of the city, to the heart of power, to the people who should live there, and to the land that matters. LAND FOR PEOPLE, NOT FOR PROFIT!

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