COVID-19 Lockdown Regulations: Level 3


Eviction Matters:

  1. Landlords CAN make applications at court to evict tenants during level 3.
  2. It IS possible for courts to hear eviction applications during lockdown Level 3 under certain circumstances.
  3. The sheriff will not execute an eviction order until the end of level 3 unless the court has said that it is “just and equitable” to do so.

Attendance at court: 

  1. No member of the public will be allowed into court - only legal practitioners, the parties to the matter, presiding officer and court staff
  2. Legal practitioners can still go to court to file documents in existing matters but only if necessary 
  3. The courts will only hear urgent applications, bail applications and appeals or matters relating to violations of liberty, domestic violence, maintenance and matters involving children

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Eviction Guide Chapters


The Rental Housing Tribunal

How to resolve major issues with your landlord before you need to go to court.


Receiving a Notice to Vacate

How to respond if your landlord has sent you a letter saying they want you out. This includes verbal notices.


Engaging with your landlord

How to talk to your landlord and resolve issues without having to go to court or the Rental Housing Tribunal.


Responding to legal documents

What to do if you receive a summons or notice to appear in court for your eviction.


How to oppose your eviction

How to legally oppose your eviction. Learn how to fight your eviction or get more time to move out of the property.


How to find and instruct a lawyer

How to find free legal advice and representation for you eviction matter. You have the right to a lawyer!


Accessing emergency housing

How to ensure that the municipality provides you with emergency housing if you will be made homeless by your eviction.


Finding the right court

How to find the right court and courtroom where your eviction case will take place.


What to expect in court

Understand the eviction court process and how your case will make it's way through the court process.


Responding to a Court-ordered eviction

What to do once the court has made a decision in your eviction case.

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